Up All Night [2022]

Up All Night [2022]

Welcome to the Insomniac Coffee Club! The bags under your eyes are over the checked baggage limit, in-flight entertainment is your racing thoughts and your only options for sustenance are to brave the midnight misfits queuing for kebabs or this winter seasonal blend. A union of two very different Nicaraguan coffees make up this blend, but kind of like Red Bull and ​​Jägermeister, it works. La Estrella is a washed process and a coffee we love every year, the La Venus natural process was a standout and flew off the shelves in record time. This combination might not be ideal for a date with the sandman, but will definitely taste great. Comforts like the warm doona that eventually awaits you, racing to get home before dawn and the NightRider. Once you’ve slept it off, it’s like a warm hug from your Nan with the stewed apricots and peaches she's served you up for brekky.

This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   22g

YIELD :   42g

TIME :   31 seconds


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