Quality coffee that doesn't just taste good, it also does good. 

Our coffee satisfies your taste buds and your conscience. It’s sourced in a socially responsible and regenerative way. Paying better, investing in our producers, and committing for the long term so we can see our partners and the coffee industry thrive long into the future.



If we can source a coffee from one of our producing partners, we will prioritise it over another coffee. If we can’t fill a requirement through our producing partners, we’ll purchase through an importer we know and trust.

We’re eager to establish new and lasting relationships with producers and importers who align with our values and vision for a fairer and tastier coffee industry.

We understand that not every coffee is equal. The needs of a farming group in Uganda are vastly different to a large estate in Brazil. We take into consideration individual circumstances when choosing to work with producers.

We charge a fair price for our coffee.

We make you pay what a coffee is worth. No more. No less.

Every single coffee we purchase and roast is quality checked. We taste every single batch of roasted coffee to ensure you’re only ever drinking the best. Every roast is recorded and assessed. We value constant learning, improvement and accountability. If you aren’t enjoying our coffee, let us know.

We value quality and innovation and choose to work with companies who are like-minded. We kit ourselves out with the best of the best roasting and brewing equipment. We don’t stock and distribute a huge amount of gear, but we stand behind our range knowing it’ll bring you that one step closer to a killer cup.

Every member of the Commonfolk team is a coffee expert. Each employee is encouraged to invest in their understanding of coffee; be it brewing espresso, understanding the role of the producer, or supporting a sustainable industry. 





In FY19/20 65 per cent of all the coffee Commonfolk roasted was purchased directly through one of our producer partnerships. The remaining 35 per cent was purchased through trusted importers. In FY20/21 we are aiming for over 75 per cent of all coffee roasted to be purchased directly through one of our producer partnerships.

In FY19/20 we had three significant producer partnerships established; Zukuka Bora Coffee Company in Uganda, San Rafael in Colombia and Cafe Labareda in Brazil. In FY20/21 we want to invest in three new producer partnerships with farming groups in Guatemala and Peru, as well as the La Estrella Estate in Nicaragua.

In FY19/20 we contributed over $30,000 to The Cup That Counts and supported Zukuka Bora Coffee Company in Uganda and HomeGround Cafe in Australia. In FY20/21 we want to expand the impact of The Cup That Counts and facilitate a way for every single Commonfolk wholesale and retail customer to directly contribute to the initiative.