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Cafe Labareda is Commonfolk’s longest standing direct partnership. Cafe Labareda is made up of two farms [or Fazendas] called Bom Jesus and Sao Lucas and are owned by Gabriel and Flavia Oliveira and run by their sons Gabriel Jnr and Lucas who are the 6th generation to run this wonderful farm. We have been working with Gabriel and Flavia since we first opened in 2013 and their amazing coffees make up almost 50% of what we roast at Commonfolk.

We first met Gabriel and Flavia when they visited Commonfolk in 2013. Since then we have hosted their son and farm manager Gabriel [Jnr] on multiple occasions. In 2019 we visited the fazenda ourselves. The main farm is quite large and has all of the infrastructure, office and machinery required for coffee production on site. The other smaller farm is located about 30 minutes away via a dirt track, it features some housing and even its own waterfall. The two farms have a combined 3 million coffee trees and this is growing each year with seedling planting projects.

The majority of the coffee in Brazil is machine picked, but Bom Jesus maintains a percentage of hand picking to employ locals, even though it's more expensive. Apart from a few small micro lot projects, the coffee is all processed in two main styles, Pulped-Natural and Brazil-Natural. Pulp-Natural is similar to a normal honey process. The coffee is picked and the cherry is then floated to separate the under/over ripes before being pulped, before being dried. The coffee in Bom Jesus is a combination of mechanically dried before being finished off on concrete patios. The Brazil-Natural process is fully dried in cherry on patios not raised beds which differs from the African and Central American process.

Once the coffee has been dried it is tasted and blended into 1 of 8 different grades/products. These 8 profiles are designed around flavour and cup quality. The highest quality being the Bom Jesus we have loved and featured since 2013, and the Labareda which we use in our Godfather blend year round. The rest of the coffee is graded into lower quality lots and sold around the world. Even the lowest quality isn't wasted and makes up the majority of their internal domestic sales. 

We love Bom Jesus, not only for the amazing quality coffee, but also the incredible work they do for their local community. Many staff live on the farms with their families, and take advantage of the in house kindergarten and other education resources provided. In 2008 Flavia created a charity organisation called GIMA (The Intercity Games for the Environment) aimed at teaching young people about social and environmental responsibility. Each year 1000’s of local children come to an olympics-like festival and play games. In 2020 the games were unable to be held because of corona virus
, instead GIMA donated tablets and mobile internet to help children stay in touch and continue their education.