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Let me share the story about Commonfolk's sweet new partnership with Diego and Derlin, a married couple who recently purchased their own coffee farm called Diamanté in La Plata Colombia. These two legends are all about that good quality java and are absolutely killing it in the coffee game. They've been producing some top-notch coffee since 2020, and we've already made three purchases from them, and committed to a forth!

So where did it all begin? A few years back, we were introduced to Diego in Melbourne while he was chasing after his lady love, Derlin, who was in town studying English. Little did we know, Diego was actually the Colombian Barista Champ at the time, and Derlin's parents were big-time coffee producers. Fast forward to 2019, and Diego and Derlin decided to move back to Colombia to join forces with Derlin's folks and become coffee farmers themselves. They chose the Diamanté farm for its primo location, high elevation, and unique climate, which makes for some killer Colombian specialty coffee.

And let me tell you, this coffee is the real deal. It's grown in the Huila region, which is known for producing some of the best coffee in Colombia, with all sorts of cool varietals and processing methods. Our first samples from Diamanté were washed micro lots that gave off this rad, fruity acidity, with some seriously sweet sugarcane and cola vibes. Plus, we were blown away by a couple of natural anaerobic processed micro lots that knocked our socks off.

To top it all off, Diego is a total coffee wizard. He's not only passionate about growing and producing great coffee, but he's also a reigning World Barista Champ! No biggie. His dedication to quality and experimental processing is next level, with plenty of new varietal seedlings in the works, and he's always playing around with non-traditional methods like lactic fermentation. It's all pretty risky business, but we're stoked to be part of the journey and see where it takes us.

We even got to head over to Colombia and hang with Diego and Derlin in May 2022 to help pick out our next batch of coffee and curate the La Familia blend collaboration with Derlin's folks. These guys are seriously committed to improving the quality of their coffee and their business, and it shows. As an added bonus, they also speak great English (much better than our Spanish) so we can communicate easily and make sure everyone's on the same page.

It's rare to find producers who share our passion for pushing the industry forward, so we're absolutely stoked to be working with Diego and Derlin. Can't wait to see what they come up with next!