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One of Commonfolk’s freshest producer partnerships is with the Campos Roa family and their two coffee farms in the department of Huila. We’re thrilled with how our inaugural season has landed, for both our Commonfolk community and the Campos Roa family. While Finca Tamana has an existing reputation for high quality coffees, we are one of the first roaster partners for Diamante Coffee Farm’s first season.

This story began when we were lucky enough to cross paths with Diego Campos a few years back here in Melbourne. He wanted to be with Derlin Roa, his partner, who was here to study English. We then learned Diego happened to be a Colombian Barista Champion (again in 2019, why not) and Derlin the daughter of a remarkable coffee producer, Don Elias Roa. When studies were complete and they had a little girl, Sofia, it was time to be with family.

Don Elias is an incredible coffee producer of over twenty years. He and his wife, Bellany, have built the family owned Finca Tamana in El Pital, Huila, and are now supporting their daughter Derlin and her husband Diego establish their own coffee farm one hour away in La Plata. Keen to create a sustainable future in coffee nearby to family, they are fortunate to bring their broad industry experience together on the family farms. Don Elais’ reputation for quality extends to how they welcome seasonal workers to meet the demands of harvest, who seek to be part of the production year on year.

This family collaboration is unique and we’re privileged to now be part of each other’s stories. Diego and Derlin’s English must be acknowledged as a pivotal part of our relationship. It’s allowed us to build trust and ensure expectations are known and fair, from coffee quality to pricing, a rare luxury in supply chains that span so far and wide, with many ‘voiceless’ stakeholders. For this reason, we have been able to share some of the risks of their production. We need to put work into our Spanish fluency ;)

The coffee! It’s very delicious. Huila is a department in Colombia’s South West on the edge of the Andes known for its exceptional and diverse coffee quality. Traditionally, most lots are processed as washed and commonly varietals are Caturra, Castillo and Colombia - balancing disease resistance and cup quality. Since our first samples from Finca Tamana and Diamante, we’ve loved the mild acidity reminiscent of stone fruits and citrus, with sugarcane and cola sweetness and mild body.

A mega-perk working with Diego is his enthusiasm for quality and experimental processing. There are plenty of new varietal seedlings in the nursery for the upcoming years. In the meanwhile, he’s processing micro lots as naturals, anaerobically and even lactic; all non-traditional methods that are both risky and high reward when successful. You have had a taste of these from our first season and we’re stoked for what’s to come.
In 2021 Diego took out the title of World Barista Champion at the championships in Milan. The recognition and esteem for his years of hard work and training is thoroughly deserved. We look forward to working with a world champion many years into the future.