Portal II

Portal II

Diego Campos and Derlin Roa have forgotten more about coffee than you’ll probably ever know. That’s why we always give them free rein to curate and create our microlots from their Diamante farm. Our brief was pretty simple- make them taste out of this world! We had the pleasure of visiting both Diamante and Finca Tamana last year to see how much care, from start to finish, Diego and the team put in (with a little help from us to pick out the best of the best for our micros). Well, the results speak for themselves, so let us electric boogaloo on! This is the long awaited sequel to Portal to Another Dimension. Sipping on this will make you feel like you’re always with your Companion Cube and you’ll appreciate the amazing talents of the producers down to the very last planar shifting drop. The ripe cherries are fermented whole for 48 hours in sealed bags before nearly three weeks of slow drying in Diamante Coffee Farm's small parabolic dryer. This long fermentation time helps to develop the complexity and quality of acidity, and is possible due to the cooler climate and cold nights at the farm's higher elevation. So platform bounce into notes of passionfruit, ginger snap and mango sorbet slurped out of your hard-light mug. Commonfolk has sourced this coffee directly from the family, with thanks to our friends at InterAmerican for their expert export services. Just FYI the cake is a lie.

PRODUCER :   Derlin Roa & Diego Campos from Diamante Farms

CROP YEAR :   2022


REGION :   Huila


VARIETAL :   Colombia


IMPORTER/PARTNER :   Ourselves, with some help from Racafe and InterAmerican


Boozy Negroni goodness! This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   21g

YIELD :   48g

TIME :   25-28 seconds


Sweet, yum and delicious! This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   20g

YIELD :   300g

TIME :   2:45 - 3:15 minutes

NOTES :   Add 3x the dose weight of water and bloom for 30 seconds. Then add another four pours of 3x the dose weight of water every 30 seconds. Aim for 3 minutes total brew time.

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