El Ahuaca AA [2022]

El Ahuaca AA [2022]

El Ahuaca refers to Cerro El Ahuaca, located in the province of Loja in Ecuador, an isolated granite mountain covered by trees, mosses and lichens that captures the humidity in the air and condensing it into water, essential for the life in this environment during the dry season. The ecosystem also works as a lung for all the surrounding areas and is the home for much unique wildlife. Puyango is a canton in the province, and is located in the west of the region. Puyango covers an area of 638 km† at an average elevation of 1500 MASL. Puyango is characterized by the longevity of its coffee industry, around 80% of producers are over 50 years old. Puyango’s harvest occurs between September-December. There is over 200 hectares of coffee farms in Puyango. Although yields are low, a strong culture of coffee cultivation with traditional varieties (Caturra, Typica, Bourbon and Pacas) and focus on high end quality has been maintained throughout generations. Small farms averaging 1 hectare or less combine their cherries to form high quality regional micro lots. Ripe cherries are pulped and fully washed before being allowed to dry on patios and covered beds for up to 25 days. As a result the coffee coming out of Puyango displays complex but clean characteristics. Fresh floral aroma leads into delicate notes of honey and thirst quenching peach tea, all tied together with a structured orange marmalade acidity. We’re proud to have sourced this coffee from the great folks at Caravela.

PRODUCER :   Small holders

CROP YEAR :   2021



ELEVATION :   1600 - 1900 MASL

VARIETAL :   Caturra, Bourbon, Typica & Pacas




This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   21g

YIELD :   46g

TIME :   28 seconds


This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   21g

YIELD :   300g

TIME :   4 - 5 minutes

NOTES :   Add 60g of water and bloom for 45 seconds. Then slowly add the remaining water steadily over the next 45 seconds.

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