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Barista Basics - everything you need to know to make your favourite cup of joe!

Whether you’re just a beginner or keen to sharpen up on your espresso skills, our expert trainers will coach you through the essentials of crafting espresso based beverages. Barista Basics is an essential starting point for those interested in a career in coffee, or the budding home barista.

Barista Basics covers:

  • Basic coffee theory
  • Espresso preparation including grinder adjustment
  • Milk preparation
  • Cleaning and maintenance

No experience is required to attend and everything you’ll need is provided including our learner resource ebook. Sessions are limited to 4 participants to ensure there’s plenty of quality training.

The workshop runs for 2.5 hours in our dedicated training space at our Mornington head quarters. Our trainers are passionate educators who have experience in a wide range of roles within the coffee industry. Our training  is designed to be practical, relevant, and most importantly, fun.