Sunny Afternoon [2021]

Sunny Afternoon [2021]

By the beard of Zeus! It is time for a new seasonal blend. Our seasonal blends are kind of a big deal, people know them. Well we have you covered San Diego, with a couple of natural processed coffees, both from Uganda, balanced out by a floral washed coffee and a sweet natural from Ethiopia. Sunny Afternoon is a killer blend, even bears can smell the combination. Great knights of Columbus, that is tasty! Some say it smells of rich mahogany and leather bound books, but we aren't sure. Personally, we think it tastes like freeze dried strawberries, Pimm’s cup and Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Even in milk it is a good choice. Don't act like you're not impressed, they've done studies, you know. 60% of the time this blend will hit the spot everytime. Catch us lazin’ on a sunny afternoon, sipin’ on a Sunny Afternoon.

Sunny Afternoon has been designed by our good mate and mate of Ol’ Mate, who is now our mate too, Matt Piga! Piga likes a pun and visually representing those puns in his artwork. Check out his instagram for some more crackers @art_by_pigasso. My personal favourite is “Drakes on a Plane”. So this time it was no surprise that Matt put a spin on our name Sunny Afternoon and referenced a film that people seem to like, I don't see it. Big thanks to Matt for being a legend and creating this great summer seasonal artwork. - Tommy T

Fresh Seasonal means a fresh new recipe.

DOSE :   21.5g

YIELD :   46g

TIME :   28 seconds

NOTES :   Try to use coffee roasted at least 5 days ago.

First day of spring Moccamaster brew.

DOSE :   61g

YIELD :   1 Litre

TIME :   However long a Moccamaster takes M8

NOTES :   We run our Moccamaster wide open with room temp filtered water. Make sure you turn off the hotplate or it will cook your perfectly brewed coffee.

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