Sipiria Ultra Rare [2022]

Sipiria Ultra Rare [2022]

In 2021 Zukuka Bora purchased a small coffee garden from a Mzee (respected elder) of the Sipi Falls coffee community named Sipiria. The funds used to purchase the site were raised on GOOD COFFEE DAY 2021 where participating venues partnered with Commonfolk to donate $1 from every coffee sold on the day. In total more than $10,000 was raised! The Zukuka team set to work meticulously tending to the garden and continuing the good work that Sipiria and his family started. The 21/22 Sipi harvest was the biggest and best to date—with both yield, quality and price reaching all time highs. The crowning jewel was the curation of an incredibly small hand crafted micro lot from the Sipiria garden. Exclusive to Commonfolk this ultra rare coffee is named in honour of Sipiria himself, and stands to celebrate him and his families legacy of welcoming specialty coffee into his community. The Zukuka team hand selected the very best cherries from the Sipiria garden prior to floating, visual inspection and hand sorting before being dried on raised beds. The coffee was continuously turned and carefully sorted over the next 20 days until it reached the desired moisture level. This slow natural process helped the coffee develop rich and complex characteristics truly unique to the Sipi region. We’re launching this coffee in conjunction with GOOD COFFEE DAY 2022 as a celebration of drinking good coffee AND doing good things. Intense and intoxicating aromas of guava and mango, are tied together by boozy rum and raisin sweetness, flavours of juicy black cherry and plum, and a soft cranberry acidity. This coffee is as rare as it is delicious and quantities are incredibly limited. We’ve sourced this coffee directly from our partners at Zukuka Bora, and handled the import ourselves. Do good. Drink coffee.

PRODUCER :   Zukuka Bora

CROP YEAR :   2021


REGION :   Sipi Falls


VARIETAL :   SL14 & SL28




This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   21g

YIELD :   41g

TIME :   29 seconds

NOTES :   Nice bright acidity and clean crisp finish

This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   15g

YIELD :   250g

TIME :   2:45 - 3:15 minutes

NOTES :   Add 30g of water and bloom for 30 seconds. Then add another 30g of water and bloom for 30 seconds. Then steadily add the remaining water over the next 30 seconds. Aim for 3 minutes total brew time.

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