Moon Dance

Moon Dance

Well, it’s a marvelous time when the sun begins to set a little sooner, the days get a little shorter, the leaves begin to crisp and the stars beam brighter. We wanted Moon Dance to be pretty different to our last seasonal blend, so we have selected a pair of tasty washed Peruvian coffees that are complimented by a honey processed Costa Rican. Some subtle pear cider and apricot dessert pastries, great black or with milk. Moon Dance captures that perfect sweet spot where you can wear your favourite Snakehole sweater, sit by the fire and drink a Drops of Juniper Negroni.

Extremely talented local artist Crystal Hendriks, aka Art By The C, has supplied an incredible artwork for this Autumn Seasonal. We love the textures and shapes she has created and felt represents our collective Mornington Peninsula home perfectly. You can follow @Artbythec for more outstanding pieces or maybe you might bump into Crystal, her dog Ralph and fiancé Ben down exploring the coastline looking for inspiration.

Fresh Seasonal means a fresh new recipe.

DOSE :   21.5g

YIELD :   46g

TIME :   28 seconds

NOTES :   Try to use coffee roasted at least 5 days ago.

First day of spring Moccamaster brew.

DOSE :   61g

YIELD :   1 Litre

TIME :   However long a Moccamaster takes M8

NOTES :   We run our Moccamaster wide open with room temp filtered water. Make sure you turn off the hotplate or it will cook your perfectly brewed coffee.

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