Something Happened on the Way to Sipi

Something Happened on the Way to Sipi

It’s the middle of harvest season and you’re heading out to see Kenny in Sipi to try the latest experiments he’s been concocting for the Commonfolk winter seasonal. It’s a full team trip today, Isaac, Ivan, Dave, and you. The big dogs. Rolexes at the boda stage first, then all piled into the Hilux for the drive ahead. Oh wait, there’s no fuel. A quick stop at the Shell fixes that issue, albeit providing Isaac another opportunity to offer you up; 15 cows in exchange for perfect husband material. The offer seems to be under intense consideration by the staff there and you reckon it’s probably time to burn some rubber. There’s blue sky as far as the eye can see, the windows are down and Phil Collins is blasting out the aux. What more could you ask for, it’s another day in paradise.

The road begins to meander as it climbs towards Sipi, threading between waterfalls as you dodge cows wandering down the highway. Kenny’s waiting at the trading post and jumps in the back for the final stretch to the site, hanging on for dear life as you get the Hilux sideways round some muddy roads. As we all know, using 4WD is for cowards. We arrive at the site and peruse the ripening coffee in the garden before examining the ultra-slow drying experiments in the greenhouse, because you can’t hurry love. Now down to business, a table of Sipi lots are prepared ready for tasting, including the latest experiments Ken has been cooking up.

There’s nothing but hits. It’s a herculean task to narrow down what should go into the seasonal, so why don't we use them all and showcase Sipi in its true colours? Let’s use a small amount of anaerobic to keep it funky, some natural and honey process for big flavour and some washed for florals and crisp acidity. Sipi Falls four ways, all different coffee processes, all from the same region. How do you say “¿Por qué no los dos?” in Lugisu?

Photographs and words from our stoic gap year employee, Aidan Patrick. You may have spotted our well read, well spoken and well groomed friend in the roastery, driving Big Flame or making you a coffee. In 2017 Aidan began volunteering in Uganda, working with the Zukuka Bora team over the last 5+ years. We have been very lucky to have had nearly a year with Aidan at Commonfolk, but Mt Elgon is calling him back. We wish you could stay, but we are so glad you will be back in Uganda preparing next year's harvest. You’ll be in my heart.

This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   22g

YIELD :   47g

TIME :   27-29 seconds


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