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Rhino Compact Hand Grinder
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Don't be fooled, this little grinder can do a whole lot. Every coffee roaster tells you that grinding fresh is the best way to enjoy the perfect coffee! Pre ground coffee has already lost aromatic compounds and begun to oxidise before you've had a chance to brew it. Grinding fresh guarantees that all the goodness ends up in the cup. This grinder is an inexpensive way to get involved in freshly ground beans. Perfect to accompany your AeroPress or V60 setup (this grinder fits perfectly inside your AeroPress too).


Choose your grind setting, here is a rough guide to get you started. Tighten up the nut all the way and then adjust:

  • AeroPress – Loosen ½ Turn
  • Hario V60 – Loosen ½ Turn
  • French Press – Loosen 1 ½ Turn
  • Stovetop – Loosen ¼ Turn

Add the desired amount of coffee (maybe a few beans extra to account for loss). Grind up your coffee. HOT TIP - Switch arms halfway though or you might end up like Rafa with one huge bicep.


  • 1 x Rhino Compact Coffee Grinder
  • 1 x Protective Carry Bag
  • 1 x AeroPress Adapter