La Pequena

La Pequena

La Pequena was our first ever micro lot release from Diego and Derlin, named after their daughter Sofi, who was the inspiration for Diamante Coffee Farm. Family is the reason they’ve returned from the city to begin their own journey as coffee producers. Love is truly in the air at Diamante because earlier this year Diego and Derlin tied the knot. While we congratulate them on their nuptials from the other side of the world, we’re excited to be sipping on this second rendition of their first micro lot. With a producing season already under their belts, Diego, Derlin and their DCF team have improved and refined their processes. This year's lot has been built with select ripe cherries from their Colombia varietal trees grown amidst the farm's high elevation near the town of La Plata, Huila. Cherries were floated before numerous fermentations and washing. First was 24 hours fermenting as whole coffee cherry, then pulping before a secondary 36 hour parchment fermentation. A final 12 hour soak in water, and this parchment was laid out to dry for 20 days. Look out for dried apricot and nectarine sweetness, with a peach tea acidity We’re proud to be working directly with the Campos Roa family, importing their coffees ourselves with special thanks to Caravela for their quality export services.

PRODUCER :   Diamante Farms

CROP YEAR :   2021


REGION :   Huila


VARIETAL :   Colombia


IMPORTER/PARTNER :   Us! with some help from Caravela


This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   20g

YIELD :   47g

TIME :   26 seconds


This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   21g

YIELD :   300g

TIME :   4 - 5 minutes

NOTES :   Add 60g of water and bloom for 45 seconds. Then slowly add the remaining water steadily over the next 45 seconds.

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