Bukhanakwa Natural

Bukhanakwa Natural

It is hard to describe Bukhanakwa to people who haven't seen it for themselves. Stories of hiking up muddy trails to one of the highest ridgelines of Mt Elgon, the stunning panoramic views and the incredible isolation from the rest of the world. This sounds incredible and it is very true, however the muddy trails are like plastic slides covered in baby oil, the views are even more spectacular than you can imagine and the isolation is not what you would expect. The whole community of Bukhanakwa is in isolation together, straddling this picturesque ridge, working with one another to produce some of the most incredible coffees. For a long time the community would travel down the opposite side of the mountain to sell their coffee to buyers from Kenya. Slowly, the Zukuka Bora team became more trusted and returned year after year with competitive prices. The producers were able to sell their cherry at the top of the mountain and Zukuka Bora would pay some incredible humans to carry coffee many miles down to the mill in Wanale, with average sized men carrying 80+ kilograms down slippery tracks with ease, while the Mzungu's (white people) struggling to carry nothing and fall over every 10 seconds. Zukuka Bora has created opportunities for many in this community, from producers to people who are seasonally or casually employed. The biggest reason is consistently showing up every season, multiple times a week to buy cherries and work with producers, and in the off season returning with a bonus payment for each producer which goes a long way and helps cash poor families who have just spent money on the next harvest. This card represents 3 different processes of the same coffee. Expect some starfruit, cacao and coconut from the washed process; treacle, apricot and blackcurrant from the honey process; and from the natural process look for vermouth, creme de violet and cherry cola. Enjoy this neapolitan collection and make sure you have a scoop of each.

PRODUCER :   Zukuka Bora

CROP YEAR :   2021


REGION :   Bukhanakwa


VARIETAL :   SL14 & SL28




This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   22g

YIELD :   46g

TIME :   28 seconds


This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   15g

YIELD :   250g

TIME :   2:45 - 3:15 minutes

NOTES :   Add 30g of water and bloom for 30 seconds. Then add another 30g of water and bloom for 30 seconds. Then steadily add the remaining water over the next 30 seconds. Aim for 3 minutes total brew time.

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