Base Camp [2021]

Base Camp [2021]

This blend is dedicated to producers who live in the clouds and battle against the elements to produce great coffee. Living on a mountain side definitely has its benefits, amazing views, fresh air and fresh water. Living a mile high also has its challenges, the roads are a joke and more like rough tracks, the fresh water can quickly wash away hillsides and the biggest factor is the isolation. These cloud communities are very tight-knit and isolated, and often rely on coffee as a way of life for the entire group. Each one of the coffees in this blend are grown at over 1800 metres above sea level and are from some of the most incredible mountains in East Africa. This blend is wild, a double natural base with some coffees from Uganda and Ethiopia, combined with some delicious sweet washed Kenyan, who says no? All this high altitude goodness combines to create a rich mixed berry and pastry sweetness, with a tart lemon acidity.

Base Camp was designed by the legend Wes Hendricks. We first met Wes and featured some of his coffee from Four Pals on the Commonfolk bar. We since crossed paths with Wes in other coffee spaces and it was inevitable that he got a crack at a seasonal label. Wes is a freelance graphic designer who loves hanging with his greyhound, drinking wine with his wife and generally making things taste and look good. See more from Wes on instagram @stuffbywes

Fresh Seasonal means a fresh new recipe.

DOSE :   21.5g

YIELD :   46g

TIME :   28 seconds

NOTES :   Try to use coffee roasted at least 5 days ago.

First day of spring Moccamaster brew.

DOSE :   61g

YIELD :   1 Litre

TIME :   However long a Moccamaster takes M8

NOTES :   We run our Moccamaster wide open with room temp filtered water. Make sure you turn off the hotplate or it will cook your perfectly brewed coffee.

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