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San Rafael has been a stalwart of Commonfolk’s blending and single origin repertoire since 2015. San Rafael is a regional blend of coffees selected from specific farmers and producers working with the Cauca Co-op mill in Popayan.
The original San Rafael farm is owned and run by Carlos Arturos and his wife Yurley San Rafael is found in the south west of Colombia in the Cauca region. The farm is 95 hectares planted with 6000 Castillo trees per hectare. Carlos is an expert coffee farmer and follows the best agricultural techniques to achieve the finest results from his plants. Careful pruning and plant management have ensured that Carlos delivers some of the finest and best value coffee, not only in Colombia, but the world.

San Rafael is one of the larger farms in the Cauca region and Carlos and Yurley are well respected figures in the specialty coffee industry. They established their own organisation called ASCAFE that focuses on sustainable coffee growing practices for farmers in Cauca. This includes providing assistance for growers and guaranteeing fair prices for their coffee thus ensuring the industry remains lucrative and farmers have an incentive to invest in their coffee. They also recognised that paying a high price for coffee can only be achieved if the product is exceptional. Carlos and Yurley have also implemented their of system of grading called PCCS. PCCS has higher requirements for grading than any other standard in Colombia including Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade.

The majority of coffee produced from San Rafael is processed using a local version of washed processing. The coffee is hand picked in the morning and processed in the afternoon. The coffee is pulped before being allowed to dry ferment in its mucilage for 12 hours before being washed and sent to the drying tables. The resulting cup profile displays a bright winey acidity, amazing clarity and full body, with apple and pear sweetness, and notes of cocoa and hazelnut.

With Carlos and Yurley at the helm the future of coffee in Cauca looks bright and Commonfolk is better for it. We’re excited to continue to support the good work and even better coffee of San Rafael. We’ve utilised San Rafael in both the Progress St and Godfather espresso blends, as well as occasionally featuring it as a stand alone single origin.