Meet The Roastery Team


You think you know someone, then you find out they listen to Johnny Cash on repeat 24/7. Get to know the people who roast, pack, deliver & brew your coffee and whether they share your taste in tunes.

🍗 Tommy T 🗽

The biggest legend and the best boss. Tommy is so good at forklifting. Reluctant photographer, likes fried chicken more than he likes people, and daydreams about gin.

🤟 Shaun 🌊

The Hot Pepper, aka the Pepsi Cola, aka the Picto Bento, aka ledgey, ledgey, ledgey ledge. The Pep loves a chip, his baggers and his dog Pip. Shauny rox!

🐀 Tristan 🌽

Known by many as the Tip Rat. An organic farmer and 4x4 enthusiast. Front man of Apple Strudel he is a massive heart throb. Rock climbing is Sick!

🍸 Heath 👽

Heath sucks basically. We tolerate him because he is funny sometimes and he can fix an EK. His best day ever was seeing area 51.

🏀 Matt 💯

Known to many as Deezy or Phat D. Deezy is a man of few words (a nice change from the Tip Rat). Deezy once hit 10 3's in a game. He also eats more than any other staff member.

⛳ Aidan 🧹

THE STICK! because he looks just like a broomstick [but less useful], he packs sticky chai and stickers coffee bags. Soon to be pro golfer, but has to finish year 12 first.

🗻 Ella ⛩️

Freshest but most loved member of the team. Ella is the roastery intern and is already dropping delicious roasts. A bit of a hype-beast, Ella is definitely best dressed!

🤯 Summer 💩

Queen of good vibes. Summer is on the road and in your cafes, welcoming new folk to the Folker fam. We love Summer nearly as much as she loves travel, trashy tv and her niece Lenny.

🧶 Bec 🥖

BEV IS THE BEST! Loves Star Wars, Adam Driver, stickers, bread, Tool, mugs, knitting and a million other things. Communications wizard making us all look great on social media.

🦡 Sam 🎹

The Badger doesn't give a shit. Know for horrific haircuts, wild rants and unrealistic analogies, he is the face of Commonfolk. Hidden talents include being super incredible at piano and frying chicken wings.