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Commonfolk is joining forces with the legends Speak & Share for a Movember collaboration. We can be stoic and headstrong creatures, keeping our problems to ourselves and feeling the need to suffer in silence. Speak & Share exists to break this mentality and create a culture of sharing and encouraging each other to open up. A problem shared is a problem halved. Lets normalise asking a mate how they are really doing, or calling a friend when you are doing it tough and need a chat. $1 from each bag or cask sold will go to Speak & Share and their mission to build awareness, run event and create school programs. A further $1 will go to the wonderful legends at Movember who are doing great things in mens health, particular in mental heath where they are aiming to reduce premature deaths by 25% by 2030. You can also join the Speak & Share MoBros team if you would like to help raise extra funds. We hope that this product not only tastes great, but might be that ice breaker needed to start a meaningful conversation with a mate.

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