Passive Aggressive

Passive Aggressive

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I’m sure you’re doing the best you can to read this, but I feel like it might be a bit out of your depth. Just do your best and hopefully you get something out of it. This coffee is a combination of Bom Jesus from Brazil and Jose Chameleone from Uganda. Two coffees we don't have time to explain to you, you will have to catch up in your own time, lucky for you we have made it idiot proof and this information is all on our website. Not to be rude, but do you understand how blends work? We combine two coffees together to make a new blend, pretty basic stuff actually. Obviously we chose a naturally processed Ugandan coffee for its more intense fruit flavour and the Brazilian coffee for its sweet chocolate base, surely that information is redundant as everyone knows that. Together they produce a plum and cherry sweetness with a hazelnut and chocolate base.Are you keeping up? Good. So we’re going to assume you understand that this coffee would be great as an espresso or with milk, it's not rocket science. As per our previous seasonal blends, you might have seen us collaborate with creative legends, this time we had Isabella Vizec take a swing at it, maybe next time… Jooooookessssss. Isabella gave it a red hot crack and having a go is the main thing. It is really odd we are naming this blend “passive aggressive”, we have such a wonderful roasting team and they hardly ever need reminding to clean up dirty mugs or to sweep up coffee beans on the floor. 

*Hardly anything in this blurb is true, we love Isabella’s artwork, the rest is accurate.

This is just a starting place. We encourage experimenting and breaking the rules.

DOSE :   22.5g

YIELD :   45g

TIME :   29 seconds


This is how TipWah brews his french presses at home on a sunday morning. Simple is best. Not going to lie, he doesn't weigh a thing at home. Tells us french press is more of a feeling. go with the flow.

DOSE :   24g

YIELD :   300g

TIME :   4 - 5 minutes

NOTES :   Add 60g of water, agitate and bloom for 45 seconds. Then add the remaining water. As Tyler says; 'let that sit for some time.'