Godfather Steeped

Godfather Steeped

Do you wish you could get a quality tasting brew wherever you go, no matter where you are?
On the road, travelling, camping, in your kitchen?! Gone are the days of over extracted, bitter and just not very nice cups of coffee when you need your quick fix. The gang at Commonfolk are extremely excited to introduce our Steeped Coffee Bags. High quality, specialty coffee within minutes - all you need is one of our Steeped Coffee Bags, hot water and a cup. 

With two options of our roasts to choose from we have got your covered. You can enjoy our well known Godfather Blend, with rich flavour notes of Chocolate, Hazelnut and Fudge, or if you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, Young Blood, with flavour notes of Berries & Cream and a sweet fruity body.  
Simply Pour, Dunk and Steep, and within 5 minutes you will be enjoying your delicious Commonfolk Brew wherever you are.

Easily stored, they take up no room at all, with eco-friendly and fully compostable & biodegradable packaging made from renewable plant based materials.



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